Sweetlead Salsa© and Kizomba 
at North London Salsa Club, Hendon


By Heidi Ford 27 Oct, 2017
The more styles of salsa you can dance…the bigger the pool of people you are able to dance with …which means the more time you will spend dancing… Simples!

Deep down I think that’s what most followers want – to be in constant demand on the social dance floor.

So I considered learning to dance on 2 as the last piece in my holy trinity of salsa dancing. I was already trained in Cuban and cross body on 1 salsa so adding ‘on 2 salsa’ into my dance repertoire meant I could actually dance with anyone, in any style, anywhere in the world.

That’s pretty amazing in my book!
By Heidi Ford 27 Oct, 2017
I will start with a confession! There have been times in my less enlightened past where I have referred to a dance with a beginner as a ‘charity dance’. It took me a long time to realise that, far from it being a one way street, where all the benefits are greedily hoarded by the beginner, it is in fact a true transaction with value given and received on both sides.

I think the benefits to the beginner are what we most often think of:

  • They get to be led or followed by someone who knows what they are doing – we hope ;-)
  • They collect vital dancefloor experience – floor time is just gold dust when you are first starting your dancing journey.
  • They get to feel included and part of the salsa community.
  • They get a confidence boost as when they are in the hands of a competent leader or follower they realise they are capable of far more than they imagined!
However, the purpose of this blog is to demonstrate that there are also huge benefits available for the more experienced dancer too… if they are open to receiving them!
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