Sweetlead Salsa© and Kizomba 
at North London Salsa Club, Hendon


Teaching Team

Our teaching team are passionate about helping people discover the joy and fun of learning salsa.  We believe in teaching with solid technique and foundations for both leaders and followers to ensure you can progress and develop into the dancer you want to be.  

We also believe in creating a warm, fun and inviting environment for people to learn and socialise.  You will find our entire teaching team dancing with everyone from the moment classes finish until the last song is played at the social. 

Trevor 'Sweetlead'

Trevor ‘Sweetlead’ is that all too rare combination of excellent dancer and exceptional teacher. His ability to clearly convey the finer nuances of leading and following techniques as well as a fun loving nature make Trevor’s classes a real favorite with students.

Trevor has been teaching salsa for 14 years and has taught both in the UK and internationally. He has worked professionally as a trainer and is also a martial arts instructor. Not only does he have many, many years teaching experience in a variety of fields, he also has a heartfelt passion and enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and skills.

Trevor usually takes the improver class as well as the intermediate plus class assisted by dance partner Heidi.


Heidi is the resident teacher for our beginners course as well as the co teacher of the intermediate plus class.

 She is warm and welcoming and able to put those new to salsa at ease whilst ensuring they master the core fundamentals of the dance. 

Her focus in the more advanced levels is ensuring that followers also receive tips and guidance for improving their dance. Heidi has been dancing salsa for nearly 20 years and teaching for 15 years and has gained a reputation for being one of the best ‘followers’ in the business. 


Red usually teachers our intermediate level drop in class.   Her practical tips and techniques help students master the important transition from improver level dancer to confident/ accomplished dancer.

Her extensive experience in both leading and following are invaluable to help students prepare for their progression to the higher level classes.

Rowan has been a regular face on the London Salsa Scene for 17 years. Her fascination and enthusiasm for dance began very young, with a style of solo dancing which she practiced competitively until she discovered how much fun partner dancing could be. She now dances nearly every night of the week and is a true Salsa addict!
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